The Rules for Group RolePlay

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The Rules for Group RolePlay

Post by Moriarty on Thu Aug 06, 2015 8:19 pm

1. This is a descriptive RP, and I'd prefer at least 3+ lines and not some half-assed bullshit. This is one of those RPs that detail is needed not 'Muse walked down the street' : Well where where they headed, what were they doing, did they see anything, what are they thinking? DESCRIBE the environment. And no 'tlkng lke tis becuz u ned a fuckkin eglish tchr' or 'omg lol'

2. No Mary Sues, Gary Sues, or Anti-Sues. In other words no overly perfect or overly tragic characters, I understand since this is a Zombie Apocalypse most characters will have no family anymore. But it should only be due to the virus or during the fight to survive, not crazy murderers and such.

3. Preferably you avoid triggering subjects. For example:
PERSONAL TRIGGERS: Cutting, Suicide, Substance Abuse, Disorders [Eating, Mental, Etc.], Disabilities [Blind, Mute, Etc.]
ENVIRONMENTAL TRIGGERS: Abusive parents, Druggie/Drunkard parents, Rape, Kidnapping, Abandonment
However family being dead, in this case, is allowed since it is the Apocalypse

4. There will be no hybrids, so no half-zombies, no demons, no angels, there is pure humans then there is pure zombies. You cannot have a fucking genius neutral zombie, they are brainless undead, they fucking die.

5. Please try using realistic weapons. A sling shot, a whip, a staff are NOT good zombie killing weapons. Guns, Crossbows, Bows, Etc. Would be a better choice. No magical weapons either or OP weapons, sorry your character can't be loaded with bombs and cannons.

6. You cannot be some EXTREME billy-baddass. There is no need for you to make someone who's somehow managed to kill every Zombie in some town because that's impossible. Everyone has their share of struggles and issues when it comes to fighting.

7. Kids, okay, why the fuck would you want to play a useless little kid in a zombie roleplay? They cannot be badass zombie killers, in real situations they'd probably be insane and not giggle murder insane, I mean they'd be broken, silent, and merely shells of human sort of insane. Same for teenagers, really naturally only adults would have the mental stability to survive something so major as a apocalypse. Keep that in mind. Not saying teens aren't allowed but don't crowd the Roleplay with them.

8. Smut and cursing is allowed, however we are NOT Gordon Ramsey NOR are we 50 shades of grey. Smut is not allowed in the main topic, so please make another topic titled [Name] x [Name] and please DELETE afterwards. Also no words said as cursing can be overly offending for example, nothing racist, nothing homophobic, nothing sexist, etc.

9. Minor x adult is NOT allowed, I don't fucking care if it's the apocalypse you fucking sickos. You may also NOT date your own characters, nor can you force ships on someone.

10. Leading off of relationships THIS IS NOT FUCKING DISNEY, THEY DON'T FALL IN LOVE AT FIRST MOTHERFUCKING SIGHT. [Oh my god] Relationships must have plot, drama, etc. It's got to take at least a few days of RPing to fucking get together, don't be boring in this RP some of us want a story, plot, detail, come on if you can't do that much then leave.

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