Greetings Ordinary People

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Greetings Ordinary People

Post by Moriarty on Thu Aug 06, 2015 7:49 pm

I am Moriarty, also known as Roman. I'm one of the admins, of course, I'm pretty bad at introductions so in the long run. I am a complete nerd, meaning I love anything from anime, to movies, shows, books, games, whatever there is. I love Roleplaying, mostly all my characters are dickwads and sarcastic douches so you've been warned. Like Lady I am a complete Grammar Nazi, also I'm a blood hound when it comes to locating Mary Sues, so if you're a grammar suckass Mary-bitch-ass-sue, you'd better bet I'm going to be snapping at you, not sorry.
love you all
To an extent


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